For several years now, JBJ Ltd. has been operating in the real estate market by purchasing and managing multiple properties at a time. 

JBJ Ltd. is openminded and listens to each customer’s wishes in order to achieve a mutually successful deal.

Managing woodlands and forests​

Properties like woodlands and forests need to be managed on a regular basis in order to preserve biodiversity and regeneration of trees. Managing these properties has economical benefits as well as providing sustainable access to wood for different wood products such as firewood and others. 

Managing various light and shade levels of woodland and forest properties can improve plant diversity. Plant diversity on the other hand can provide different habitats and will work as a food chain basis for animals, this is how woodlands and forests can be managed for biodiversity. 

Woodlands and forests provide a wood source for firewood and construction material as well as many other wood products. Managing woodlands and forests for timber is becoming more popular as more people are choosing to switch to wood fuel for its many 

environmental and financial benefits. Coppicing is the most  popular way to manage woodlands and forests by cutting down trees to ground level in rotation periodically, this stimulates growth as new shoots will come from their roots or stumps. 

Woodland and forest properties play a big role in our everyday lives by releasing oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, pollution, gas and dust. All woodland and forest properties need to be managed for various reasons and you can choose how you manage yours, it can be for biodiversity, providing sustainable wood source or it can be a multipurpose woodland property. Our company believes in managing these properties with care and respect for the environment by following all woodland managing guidelines while having a high quality sustainable wood source for our wood fuel business.

Our properties

For several years now JBJ Ltd. has been operating in the real estate market. We are purchasing and managing woodland and forest properties which is our company’s main wood source for our wood products – Nestro, RUF and night briquettes, wood pellets as well as firewood and kindling splints. In order to produce high quality firewood, you need a high quality wood source you can trust and are proud to sell. Owning woodlands is how our company can guarantee the highest quality for all of our wood products by following every step of the production process starting with the source of the wood.

Owning and managing woodland or forest property can be very beneficial financially. Wood products like wood fuel are becoming more and more popular, and are in high demand all over the world making woodland and forest properties very valuable. 

Our company is usually managing several properties at any given time and we are excited and proud to be offering well managed woodland and forest properties for sale. JBJ Ltd. is an open minded and welcoming company, we always listen to our customers and try to meet their needs. We, as a company, are interested in making mutually successful deals for our woodland and forest properties while meeting your wishes and finding the best solution for you. For more information about our properties