Wood Briquettes

Production of wood briquettes

Our wood briquettes are made from dry untreated softwood and hardwood shavings. These wood shavings are put under high pressure, this makes wood briquettes denser and less dusty. There are no added glues or other chemicals, our wood briquettes are held together by a natural substance lignin that is released under great pressure by liquefying the wood shavings during the production process. Both RUF briquettes and Nestro briquettes contain less than 10 % moisture content and because of that they are able to produce a lot of heat. Wood briquettes should be stored in a dry place otherwise they may lose their quality by absorbing water. We make sure to pack our briquettes is 100% waterproof, thereby no damage can be caused during deliveries and the quality of our briquettes can’t be compromised no matter how far we export them.

We export RUF briquettes that are square shaped and hydraulically pressed from pine and birch wood shavings. They are easy to store and do not take up a lot of space. RUF briquettes are suitable for smaller wood burning or multi fuel stoves due to their smaller size.

Nestro briquettes are round and natural looking and are made from aspen and birch wood. These are bigger than RUF briquettes in size and are suitable for use in bigger or any standard wood burning or multi fuel stove.

Night wood briquettes are made from pure, softwood bark and just like all of our products sourced from sustainable forests. Night wood briquettes produce up to 8 hours of burn time and are perfect solution as a cost-effective wood fuel source.

The different uses of wood briquettes

Both RUF and Nestro briquettes are used for heating and can be used in wood-burning stoves, with chimneys, multi-fuel stoves as well as campfires, barbecue or other sorts of open fires. People choose wood briquettes for numerous reasons such as moisture content, value of heat that briquettes can produce and the fact that wood fuel in general is a lot more environmentally friendly than any other type of fuel on the market. Wood briquettes are a great alternative to firewood, moisture content is smaller, they create less smoke and ash as well as briquettes make a cleaner burn and can produce heat much longer than firewood. By producing little amounts of smoke, briquettes are becoming more popular for cooking without harming the quality of food. You should consider using wood briquettes simply because they are multifunctional, efficient and can be used in different types of wood burning appliances.

Advantages of wood briquettes over firewood

A dry and dense briquette has better burning properties when compared to firewood. Wood briquettes have 10% moisture content when firewood has 15% to 20% moisture content. Firewood has to evaporate more moisture and that takes away from heat produced while using it. Briquettes last longer and produce more heat, that makes them more cost-effective than firewood. Overall one good quality wood briquette is equivalent to three or four firewood logs.

How much heat wood briquettes can actually produce? Good quality briquettes usually create between 4,800 kWh to 5,000 kWh per one tonne of wood briquettes. That is about the same as wood pellets and more than firewood would create per tonne. If you use only high quality wood briquettes that are made from 100% good quality wood, you are guaranteed to save money.

With wood briquettes you get what you pay for, this means that wood briquettes are both consistent in size and moisture content, in addition to burning time, they are much easier to handle and to store as well. You can easily break a wood briquette in half or even smaller pieces if your stove is in a smaller size or you simply need to start a fire. Wood briquettes are more environmentally friendly as they create less ash and smoke, you can worry less about cleaning your stove.

Efficient use of wood briquettes

You should use smaller briquettes or pieces of briquettes to start a fire and bigger longer ones for slower and longer burn. The higher the quality of wood briquettes the longer they can produce heat. We export our RUF briquettes that can burn from 4 to 8 hours and Nestro briquettes can burn from 6 to 10 hours with 99% combustion. You should use at least 3 briquettes at a time and make sure that you don’t overload your stove as they burn hotter and tend to slightly expand in the fire. A lot depends on your wood burning or multi-fuel stove, what kind of airflow settings do you use, temperature outside, quality and type of wood briquettes used, all of that affects the efficiency of use of wood fuel.

Wood briquettes can be burned on their own or mixed together with firewood, it all depends on your preferences, but as wood briquettes are 100% made of wood they will make a very pleasing flame on their own as well.

Usage of wood pellets


Wood briquettes are better than logs because they burn hotter and longer, they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly, create less smoke and ash.

Depending on the quality and type of wood briquettes, they can burn from 4-10 hours.

Wood pellets can go bad only if they are kept in moisture, they can become damp and unusable. Nothing happens to wood pellets if they are stored correctly.

If you burn wood briquettes in an exempt appliance (DEFRA exempt stove), then yes, briquettes can be used as a smokeless wood fuel.

The best wood to burn generally will be that which produces more heat and burns the longest, devoid of sap and pitch, therefore firewood such as oak, ash, birch, and maple are the best.

Other Products

Our company specializes in exporting automatically dried firewood logs—produced from hardwood such as birch, oak and ash. Most of our wood comes from woodlands that we own and manage, we know where the wood is coming from, what quality it is in and that is what allows us to maintain a consistent high quality for our firewood logs.

Compressed sawdust or wood dust are two main materials from which wood pellets are usually made. Wood pellets are held together by lignin which is an organic part of dry wood.

Choose wood briquettes

Our briquettes are very easy to use, convenient to store, they are also economical and will burn slowly, as well as wood briquettes are carbon-neutral—same as our other products. Briquettes are even dryer than logs, so they are a terrific alternative to other combustible products. If you are looking for high quality wood briquettes contact us today.