About Us

JBJ Ltd. is a family-owned international company founded in 2005 in Latvia. Our company mainly deals in business with wood products also known as wood fuel such as firewood, pellets, and briquettes. We have been exporting high quality wood fuel products globally since 2008.

Our company’s main goal is to deliver a sense of trust and safety for each of our customers. JBJ Ltd. provides an individual service where we are listening with full attention, we make a point in fulfilling our customer’s wishes and needs. That is how we are able to pursue a prosperous and long-term collaboration. Our clients can rest assured that they will be welcomed and treated as a priority.

Our Core Values

The core value of our company is family, because to us family is where you feel safe and trusted. Our goal is to achieve that in our business as well. We commit and dedicate ourselves to delivering top-quality experience with our company. Our company’s employees are very passionate about our products and clients, from the very first step to last—starting with manufacturing wood products, to establishing and nourishing a relationship with clients. We are certain that genuine human interaction and understanding are the key values of any successful business. It is helping us build trust and gain respectability with our clients. At JBJ Ltd. we always aim at maintaining and improving this concept, as a result, the perception of being a trustworthy and reliable company is seen as a tremendous value. JBJ Ltd. feels appreciated and fortunate to be valued as such. In fact, it makes us thrilled and even more passionate about pursuing and engaging in such fantastic opportunities as well as earning respectability, and gaining positive customer feedback. Because of the fundamental company values, we have obtained a wide range of customers across Europe, USA and the United Kingdom.

Our Path

We come from a country where almost half of our land is covered in forests. The forest territories are an integral part of our nation’s geography and history. As a matter of fact the wooded areas in Latvia are naturally regenerating and expanding. Pine, spruce and deciduous species are able to withstand various natural conditions. With this in mind, our company has chosen its path—to make an effort in working in synergy with nature, not against it. To strive for a most efficient wood product export experience and supplying renewable energy resources around the world.

For several years we have been operating in the real estate business with woodlands and other properties that supplement our wood fuel business. We maintain and take care of them and produce our wood fuel products locally knowing the source of wood and managing high quality for our products.

Our company consists of reliable and conscientious individuals. Our beliefs entail aiming for a better future. We believe it is necessary to appreciate nature and treat it with respect and care. We are implementing these principles and goals accordingly to manufacturing structure. That ensures our company’s viability to sustain us. Furthermore, it gives us enough potential to improve our business practices. As a result, this forestry approach proves to be effective. It preserves the diversity of nature without harmful impact on it.

Working with wood fuel is our passion, we put a lot of care into our wood fuel products and treat our customers with respect. Over the years we have gained experience that helps us provide  top quality wood fuel products and service for our customers. Us at JBJ Ltd. have proven to be reliable with our export and logistics solutions, and we guarantee quick and efficient delivery options.