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JBJ Ltd. is an international company from Latvia which is flexible and competent in the wood fuel export across Europe.

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19 Years Of Experience

Wood Products Wholesale

JBJ Ltd. is a company that deals with different wood products also known as wood fuel. Wood fuel is one of the purest ecological types of fuel that’s available nowadays, we at JBJ believe that using wood fuel is the best choice for our environment and you as well.

What makes wood fuel sustainable? Compared to other types of fuel the life cycle of it is much shorter which is the main reason why wood fuel is sustainable and trustworthy. Woodlands need maintaining and managing because that promotes their growth, when woodland is left on its own it will eventually decay and that plays a big role in the sustainability of utilizing wood fuel as well.

Wood fuel can be used both indoors and outdoors and the most popular use of wood fuel is for heating. To us at JBJ Ltd. it is important to find the best solution for your wood fuel needs whether you use it for heating your house, using it for your fireplace, cooking purposes or making a campfire, we are passionate about finding the right firewood for you.

Types of wood fuel we offer on wholesale

We export RUF briquettes that are square shaped and hydraulically pressed from pine and birch wood shavings. They are easy to store and do not take up a lot of space. RUF briquettes are suitable for smaller wood burning or multi fuel stoves due to their smaller size.

Alternatively, we also provide firewood in nets. To achieve its premium quality we dry our logs in automatic firewood drying chambers as well. In addition to burning longer—the logs that are kiln-dried—produce more heat. Kiln-dried wood has around 18% or less moisture content which makes them so efficient and economical.

We supply kiln-dried firewood loaded in boxes. JBJ specializes in the production of birch, oak and ash firewood. Our firewood is dried in automatic drying chambers made by an Italian company Nardi. The huge benefit of automatic drying of firewood is the amount of moisture which is removed from the wood—hence it allows logs to burn much longer.

Kindling splints

Kindling splints are made from dried birch, pine or spruce. All of our splints come in the size of approximately 18-20 cm long and our splints come in nets or plastic packages. Length and packing depend on our customers’ preferences. Kindling wood is a cleaner-burning source for starting a fire than any other types of kindling.

Nestro briquettes is a consistent and long-burning wood fuel provided in handy cylindrical shapes. Our Nestro Briquettes are of the highest quality. They consist of 50% aspen and 50% birch wood. These briquettes can burn from 6 to 10 hours, and will produce only 0.5% of ash residue. Nestro briquettes have a specific shape with a hole through the centre that assists the airflow and makes them light up easily.

RUF softwood briquettes also are known as heat-logs are a block-shaped wood fuel product. Our briquettes consist of 75% pine wood and 25% birch wood. Due to the impressive 99% combustion rate, and high-density index these heat-logs can burn from 4 to 8 hours. Our RUF softwood briquettes are consistent not only in both shape, size but moisture content, and burning time—they are guaranteed to produce more heat for less money.

Night wood briquettes are made from pure, softwood bark and just like all of our products sourced from sustainable forests. Night wood briquettes produce up to 8 hours of burn time and are perfect solution as a cost-effective wood fuel source.


Advantages of wood fuel

Wood Fuel Benefits

The main and most important of the many benefits of wood fuel is the fact that wood fuel is a renewable resource and a sustainable source of energy, especially when compared to other sources of fuel like fossil fuels. Wood fuel is more eco-friendly because it is carbon neutral. This means that the carbon released while using wood fuel is offset by trees absorbing carbon during their growth.

Clean and Efficient

All types of fuel create some type of pollution, for wood, it is ash and air pollution. However, wood fuel when used to generate energy is creating far less air pollution than alternative fuel sources such as coal. Modern wood fuel stoves, burners and boilers are clean and efficient which means they create less ash, smoke and emissions.

Reasons why you should choose JBJ Ltd.’s wood fuel

Nowadays there are numerous types and varieties of energy resources to choose from. Perhaps, the most impressive is wood since people have been using it for thousands of years and continue to do so despite the existence of more novel alternatives.

Everyone knows the importance of a warm and pleasant home, therefore, it is little surprise that present-day people still keep appreciating this age-old practice of burning wood products to keep themselves warm and fed as well as to fend against the often harsh temperatures.

Maybe times have changed but the essential benefits of using wood products continue to stay relevant, we insistently continue using wood as fuel, as means of gaining energy. Undoubtedly more modern and environmentally healthier solutions have been introduced to the world since the olden times. You can get a look at our wholesale product range to explore the different benefits of these products.

We at JBJ Ltd. take pride in our wood fuel products, we make sure that the source of our firewood meets all the needed criteria to produce wood fuel that is of high quality and that will fulfil the needs of our customers.

JBJ Ltd. is a family owned company and family values are something that we embody into our day-to-day work, we take care of our customers with full understanding in order to meet their needs successfully.

We have been working in wood fuel wholesale for 15 years, and we are confident that we can help you make the right decision when choosing firewood for your personal or business needs.

JBJ Ltd. has been exporting wood fuel products on wholesale across Europe, USA and the United Kingdom since 2008.

We have a wide range of customers across Europe, we have delivered wood fuel to Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Malta and many other countries. JBJ Ltd. has supplied wood fuel products even as far as the United Arab Emirates.

We have a wide experience of maintaining quick and effective delivery service globally, and we have sustained consistent export quality standards through all these years. We have been able to adapt to the expectations of each customer and the standards of different countries which our customers have highly appreciated. Our logistics solutions are very efficient, and we guarantee only the premium quality for our wood fuel products.

Our values and experience in the field and hard-working attitude give us the opportunity to create long-lasting collaborations with our customers. If you are looking for an individualized experience when seeking the best wood fuel for you—contact us today!

Our Partners

Throughout the many years of wood fuel manufacturing, at JBJ we work closely with our partners to ensure fast delivery and personal costumer care, these are our two most trusted partners we work with day in and day out.

RX LOĢISTIKA is our long time trusted partner with more than 18 years of experience in the warehousing, transportation and storage industry.

ADERO is a high-profile logistics service provider with more than 10 years of experience in the international freight industry.

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For sustainable and long-lasting wood fuel for your personal or business needs contact our team at JBJ Ltd. today!

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